‚ÄčThis is something we aim to address through our league, INDIAN TENNIS CRICKET
 FEDERATION (ITCF) by giving players a place to compete at a high level and enabling the
sport as a whole to gain popularity, and provide the players of this version of the game
an opportunity to monetise their skill.

Advantages of being a Registered Member of ITCF

Players of tennis ball cricket will profit immensely from joining our elite league. Here are a few of the benefits.

When opposed to smaller, regional events, our league will offer players a much more competitive environment in which to show off their skills.

The league provides a venue for sponsors to show their support for the sport, which in turn generates revenue for the league and its participants.

By promoting the league through various online channels and encouraging involvement and conversation among its members and viewers, the league will help to create a strong feeling of community among its members and viewers.

Having a league to play in will give tennis ball cricket the structure it needs to gain the popularity it deserves.

To make things easier for players, coaches, and fans, technology will make the system public. Furthermore, all ITCF members will be able to view the results of teams and individual players throughout the qualifying season and at ITCF signature competitions.

The league will also foster an ecosystem that provides employment for those associated with the sports, including coaches, trainers, umpires, scorekeepers, commentators, groundskeepers, and other ancillary services.